• Painting - there are a dozen buildings and facilities that the POA maintains including the POA Office, the Clubhouse, the pool cabana, the Pavilion-Post Office and bathrooms, the boat launch rest rooms, the gate shack, etc. Helping to maintain and keep these structures looking nice helps to make a great first impression on visitors and prospective buyers. 
  • Coordinate an activity! The Mardi Gras, Thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations are almost entirely managed by volunteers. The Board (and sometimes the developer) are happy to donate food and decorations, but we rely on volunteers to spearhead and manage these activities. We'd like to see even more! There was a time when Friday nights meant "Bingo at Cedar Point" and Saturdays were "Dancing in the Cedar Point Pavilion". You don't have to do it all, the Board members are happy to help out. 
  • Dock repairs - while the pylons are best left to professionals, replacing rotten deck boards, safety rails, and repainting signs and furniture is something everyone can do. 
  • Decorating for holidays - Carol and Dean have taken the reins on decorating for various holidays, but sometimes, even they need a break! Cedar Points Christmas decorations are simply amazing - everyone driving along Hwy 190 enjoys them and we get letters of appreciation from Onalaska regularly. 
  • Construction - in the 3/9/2019 meeting, we discussed that we're going to be installing additional parcel lockers and mailboxes - we need help from anyone who can donate materials for building walls and labor. 
  • Signs - we need new signs for the Pavilion (Neighborhood Rules), the boat ramps, the pool, and the Dump (the Dump is priority 1). 
  • Surveillance cameras and security. If you are familiar with security cameras, WiFi networks, and all that stuff, we could really use your help developing and implementing a cost-efficient system to protect the POAs amenities and offer a WiFi "hotspot" at the post office. 

Work with POA

Volunteer Opportunities and Projects

  • Adopt-a-roadway. There's always trash and litter on the side of our roads. Help out by helping pick it up. Maybe work with your neighbors to coordinate efforts. This includes picking up around the dumpsters, if safe.
  • Keep your eyes open. If you notice something that looks wrong, violates our rules or deed restrictions, or is broken, make it a point to do something about it. Call the sheriff if you notice suspicious activity, call Aqua or SHECO if you notice something wrong with a utility, take a picture and send it to the POA if you see someone dumping furniture, appliances, yard waste, etc. in the dumpsters.
  • Adopt-a-neighbor - if you know of a neighbor who's getting older, check in on them regularly. If your neighbors are full-time residence, keep an eye on their properties as much as you can to eliminate vandalism and burglaries.

Don't know who to call to volunteer your time? 

Contact the POA Office and they will make sure you get connected with the right person - we love when neighbors help out!

Cedar Point is a big place and although we have a full-time maintenance, gate, and office staff, we can always use a helping hand from the property owners.

Below are some ideas for ways you can help our community.

Welcome to Cedar Point, Livingston, Texas

On your own