Welcome to Cedar Point, Livingston, Texas

Buying a property from the POA

Please contact the POA via e-mail or call the office if you are interested in the current list of properties the POA owns.

If you are a property owner and want to list your property for sale, check out our Community Connections page at Nextdoor.com, just search for "Cedar Point - Livingston" to join in on the action!

To purchase a property that the POA owns, submit a written offer to the POA Board, though the POA office. If your offer is accepted, you will be responsible for the amount you offer and all past due County taxes that have accrued on the property, along with the usual prorated POA assessment fees. Please check Polk County Tax Appraisal Office for information on the balance due on any property before making a purchase offer to CPPOA.

Before purchasing in Cedar Point, please review our Deed Restrictions.

The POA offers these properties for sale "As Is" and will provide a "Special Warranty Deed" upon sale. The buyer understands that the POA often does not have full history or knowledge of the fitness of these properties for whatever purposes the buyer intends. The buyer is responsible for inspecting the property thoroughly and investigating previous owners using Polk County's records.Type your paragraph here.