WhoWhy or WhatContact Info
AquaAmericaWater & Sewer888-370-6527
SHECO (Sam Houston Electric Co Op)Electricity936-327-5711
Eastex TelephonePhone, Internet, Security936-327-5224
CWS Propane (Hwy 190 in Onalaska)Propane filling936-646-3680
Livingston PropanePropane936-967-4237

Polk County
Health Department
Game Warden
Burn Ban information

Onalaska Fire DepartmentNon-emergency fire936-645-5111

911 Emergency Medical Non life-threatening medical936-327-6809

General Services
Ed's Pest Control
Termite/Pest Treatment/maintenance
The Plumber (Jeremy B.)Plumbing repairs, improvements936-327-4774
Sanitary LandfillHousehold trash, oil, furniture, etc.Hwy 190 and Walding Rd, about 5 miles East of Cedar Point
Sanitary LandfillHousehold trash (no oil)Onalaska Loop between FM 3459 and FM 356, about a mile north of Hwy 190.
Cat 5 Boat lift systemsBoat lift Repairs
Von ScotElectrician936-499-2555

If you're new to Cedar Point, or even if you've lived your entire life in the area, you'll probably need these numbers at some time or other.

Welcome to Cedar Point, Livingston, Texas

Utilities, Services, and other General Contracts