Welcome to Cedar Point, Livingston, Texas

Utilities, Services, and other General Contracts

WhoWhy or WhatContact Info
AquaAmericaWater & Sewer888-370-6527
SHECO (Sam Houston Electric Co Op)Electricity936-327-5711
Eastex TelephonePhone, Internet, Security936-327-5224
CWS Propane (Hwy 190 in Onalaska)Propane filling936-646-3680
Livingston PropanePropane936-967-4237

Polk County
Health Department
Game Warden
Burn Ban information

Onalaska Fire DepartmentNon-emergency fire936-645-5111

911 Emergency Medical Non life-threatening medical936-327-6809

General Services
Ed's Pest Control
Termite/Pest Treatment/maintenance
The Plumber (Jeremy B.)Plumbing repairs, improvements936-327-4774
Sanitary LandfillHousehold trash, oil, furniture, etc.Hwy 190 and Walding Rd, about 5 miles East of Cedar Point
Sanitary LandfillHousehold trash (no oil)Onalaska Loop between FM 3459 and FM 356, about a mile north of Hwy 190.
Cat 5 Boat lift systemsBoat lift Repairs
Von ScotElectrician936-499-2555

If you're new to Cedar Point, or even if you've lived your entire life in the area, you'll probably need these numbers at some time or other.