What's Happening/What Happened?
5/19/2020The POA has determined that the Pool will remain closed until further notice due to the State's COVID-19 restrictions. 
2/1/2020If you have a property that is For Sale By Owner and are interested in having it posted on this site, contact the office. The POA is not acting as a realtor or anything like that, we just want to be neighborly and give your property a little more exposure.
2/1/20202019 Year End Financials are available on the "News > Financials" page.
1/1/20202020 Assessment bills were mailed. New rates in effect 1/1/2020. Payments due by 1/31/2020. 
12/7/2019Onalaska "Christmas in our Town" celebration.
11/23/2019Holiday Dinner - 11/23/2019, at the clubhouse, 5:30 p.m., bring a dish to share; Volunteers needed
11/22/2019Financials posted for September and October. Click News > Financials.

Trick - or - treat - POA staff handing out candy at the office from 3-4.

10/2/2019August (and previous months) Financials posted (sorry about delay). 
3/9/2019POA Meeting at the Clubhouse.
3/7/2019We continue to move forward with our migration to TOPS Software for our Property Management solution. Every property owner will be able to log into his or her personal account to review information related to their account with CPPOA. We will not migrate everyone all at once, we'll do it in stages so we can iron out any kinks. You can get familiar with what TOPS offers property owners by reading this Introduction.
3/1/2019CPPOA Board of Directors elections are coming up. Check the "Forms" tab and fill out the form if you are interested in running for the BOD.  Forms are due in the POA office no later than 3/31/2019. 
2/1/2019New resident vehicle stickers are being distributed. Stickers must be placed immediately above or below your vehicle's registration sticker or you will be delayed when entering the subdivision. Gate attendants cannot see your entry sticker if it is behind the shaded portion of your windshield or in any other unexpected position. If you want to sail through security, please help the Gate by making sure your sticker is highly visible.

Cedar Point POA is in the process of migrating our business systems to an online service. This will provide significant improvements to our business office and provide property owners with better payment and communications options. As part of this migration, the POA office will be asking for e-mail addresses for all property owners. We are also working on a solution for residents who do not have access to a computer to borrow a spot from the POA office. More news as the migration proceeds.

We are also in the process of ordering and installing additional mailboxes and parcel lockers. With all the growth of Cedar Point in the last year, and the expansion of mail order services (anyone get an Amazon box recently???), we simply do not have enough parcel lockers to service the community. Please be patient, this the federal government we have to work with so the process isn't as simple as it could be. 

12/15/2018POA Quarterly Meeting, minutes to be posted.
11/15/2018The Board met to discuss year-end issues, 2019 assessments, collections, and a proposal to update the dump area. Minutes will be posted when finalized. 
9/30/2018The first phase of Eastex Telephone's installation of ultra-high speed Fiber internet is complete. All those orange tubs are conduits where the fiber will be pulled. Cross your fingers, we may have fiber service by the end of the year!
9/28/2018Past Due Notices were mailed, CPPOA will begin legal proceedings against Property Owners who do not bring their accounts current or set up a payment plan by 10/31/2018. 
9/25/2018Cedar Point received a very nice "Thank You" note from the City of Onalaska for our Support. 
09/07/2018The next Quarterly meeting will be on 9/15/2018, at 9:30 a.m., and the Clubhouse. Everyone is welcome to join The Board for an update on what's going on in Cedar Point.
08/29/2018The Board was informed that there is a a community site on Facebook - that is great news, however, please remember that is the official and only sanctioned site for the Cedar Point Property Owners Association. 
Wade Journey Homes has broken ground in Cedar Point. Check out the newest addition to Cedar Point here: 
Updated RV/Travel Trailer Variance Request form and policy posted to "POA Forms". Please review if you or a guest will be bringing an RV or Travel Trailer to CP.
At the request of the ACC, the Board met to discuss unauthorized RVs and Trailers entering Cedar Point, see Meeting Minutes for details.

Press Release: Wade Journey Homes:

The POA Office and Board have received numerous complaints about residents and visitors speeding within Cedar Point. We love our new, smooth roads, but remember, the speed limit on any Cedar Point road (starting at the driveway when you turn off Hwy 190, is 20 MPH. Deed restrictions allow for a $50 fine for speeding, but we'd rather everyone just obey the speed limit and keep Cedar Point safe.
08/10/2018Kevin Boyd has been installed as the 5th Board Member to replace Dan Tuft - based on the number of votes received during the elections this year. He will take over as Director of Gate Operations. Welcome aBoard, Kevin!
08/05/2018Dan Tuft notified Board President, Glynn Walker, that he was resigning from the Board, effective immediately. 
08/01/2018CCC Paving has completed most of the Road Improvements work in Cedar Point for 2018. There are just a few odds and ends to complete. 

Holiday Dinner - 11/23/2019, at the clubhouse, 5:30 p.m., bring a dish to share; Volunteers needed

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Reminders and Current Issues

  • If you have problems with your water, please do not call the front gate or the POA Office, please call Aqua America at 877.987.2782.
  • No furniture, appliances, or anything that is non-household waste may be put in the dumpsters. Also, do not leave items on the ground near or next to the dumpsters.  The POA has to pay have this hauled off, and it costs everyone in the long run, take your trash to the dump or donate serviceable items.
  • Current and previous month's POA Financial Statements are available on the Financial Statements tab.
  • CEDAR POINT NEWS & HAPPENINGS - read the latest news and access current and past editions of  Cedar Point's bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Volunteers - Cedar Point is a big place and we always are looking for volunteers to "adopt" each road, park, and common area throughout the neighborhood to help keep them looking good (picking up trash, helping to keep abandoned properties nice looking, reporting problems, using the Service Request link below, so Maintenance can schedule repairs if possible). If everyone pitches in, our neighborhood will look better than ever!
  • Check out the BOD Minutes tab to find out what happened at recent Board meetings.    ​ 
  • Vandalism detracts from the entire community - if you see it happen, call the Sheriff's department. If you're a parent, please talk to your children about the importance of not trespassing and respecting other peoples' property - no one want to come up to their vacation home to find out it's been vandalized.  

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