***8/7/2018 - Dan Tuft, our Director of Gate Ops, has resigned from the POA Board of Directors. We, and the entire community, want to thank Dan for his years of service to Cedar Point! 

Board of Directors

PresidentGlynn Walker
Treasurer (assistant webmaster)Daniel Wal
Secretary (webmaster)Bob Corder
Director of MaintenanceRJ Etters
Director of Gate Operations and Resident Refuse area (dumpster area)Kevin Boyd

This is your current, elected Board of Directors. No one on the Board receives a salary or any tangible benefits from volunteering for the Board. Board members are elected each Spring to serve a one-year term and there is no limit to the number of terms someone can serve on the Board. 

You can reach The Board by sending an e-mail to cppoa215@gmail.com

Welcome to Cedar Point, Livingston, Texas